Pierce Brown

“We read to explore, to live tales and build worlds grander than our own. 'Mortal Enemy' does this and much more—original, complex, and fiendishly twisted.”

- Pierce Brown, author of the Red Rising trilogy and Iron Gold

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Nicholas Ryan Howard
Keegan Allen

“Nicholas Ryan Howard delivers an epic adventure that rivals the storytelling and addictive reading you would encounter with 'Harry Potter,' 'Game of Thrones,' and 'Star Wars' hooked with the dark and gritty lure of these classic tales. ‘Mortal Enemy’ is relentlessly intriguing while maintaining deep character backgrounds and even deeper plot twists.”

- Keegan Allen, author of life.love.beauty and Hollywood

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Meagan Adele Lopez

"Nicholas Ryan Howard's ‘Mortal Enemy’ will draw you in immediately with its vivid language and detailed characters, and keep you with there with the magnificently built worlds. It all feels so different—yet eerily, so similar—to what we are experiencing today. This is a story that sticks with you. A jolt to the imagination."

- Meagan Adele Lopez, author of Three Questions

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Mel Banick

Mortal Enemy immediately swept me up with its pacing—there was no time to think much about it—the ride had already started! From beginning to end it was no dull experience. The writing is light yet evokes the dark pits of being human. It's full of depth while maintaining humor and wit and quirk. Bizarro characters fill a world that doesn't feel so very different from our own. A downright freaky and timeless tale.”

- Mel Banick, reader review 

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Billy Henehan

“There is no other book like Mortal Enemy on the shelves right now. Both in terms of story and writing style, Nicholas Ryan Howard presents a book with a wholly unique voice. If you're a sci-fi or fantasy fan looking to shake things up, read it immediately.”

- Billy Henehan, reader review

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Renee Buckley

Mortal Enemy was the epic fantasy adventure I didn’t know I was looking for. It depicts a world that satisfies your imagination and character development that exceeds your expectations. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll cheer, until the very end. Instantly one of my favorite books.”

- Renee Buckley, reader review

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