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A Novel and Audio Experience by Nicholas Ryan Howard

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Praise for Mortal Enemy

The Story


The Audio Experience

Created by Nicholas Ryan Howard

Mortal Enemy is a science fiction & dark fantasy tale created by Nicholas Ryan Howard. It is thrilling, chilling, unrelenting and epic in scale... yet filled with a large amount of heart and humor. It is a relentless whirlwind of action and adventure. A saga of conflicted heroes and wicked villains. A world of darkness and struggle, yet uproarious humor.

To bring this story to life, The Audio Experience was created, a modern reimagining of dramatic storytelling. This version of the story was created by some of the best talent in the industry, and features an extraordinary cast of performers, multidimensional sound, cinematic-quality effects, and a spectacular orchestral score.

It is available to purchase on all major audio platforms, and streams for free on many of them. Listen now in the format of your choice:


The Novel

Written and Illustrated by Nicholas Ryan Howard

Mortal Enemy is a story like no other. It is filled with unbelievable scenarios, fantastical environments, rich mythology, incredible weapons, unique technologies, and characters dripping with personality… with shocking surprises awaiting at every turn.

The Novel is available online at Barnes & Noble in illustrated hardcover and Color Collector’s editions. The illustrated paperback is available at Amazon, and the digital book is available everywhere ebooks are sold.


We currently have an inventory of beautiful hardcover books that, due to a minor printing defect, cannot be sold, but are perfectly readable! So we’re giving away free copies of the novel signed by the author! Click Here to get yours while supplies last!



the Characters

Warrior of legend. Liberator of the oppressed. Defender of rights. His might in battle is matched only by his unrelenting will, but with this ferocity comes an unpredictability... and a destiny sculpted by eras passed teetering on the brink.

A survivalist gifted well beyond her years with unmatched prowess in tracking, stealth, and hunting. Yet, her fierce independence has made her an outcast, a transient without a purpose.

A crafty companion, with fingers as loose as his tongue. He’ll just as easy steal a heart as he will a wallet. And with a flexible moral code comes questionable fidelity—just where do his loyalties lay?


A being of mercy. A merciless being. Cruelty is a means to an end for the demigod of darkness.

Dingleborfs aplenty, in the land of Chiggy Chooboo. How can cherry dreams make rascal stallions? One can only imagine! So do! But curses! The fallacy of the wise endures. Fear not, for only they of such sterling reputation may unlock the dreams of the forboden. Onward!

She never forgets her manners. A true hostess, Dawnrier will divine to fulfill your every whim. But under the mask, is there a smile, or a scowl?


He keeps the peace where peace can’t be kept. But is this a duty, to him, or a game?

An enigmatic being at one with the shadows. His tech is as impressive as it is terrifying.

Garbage men with noses for sniffing out treasure. Even though they have no noses.


The World

After a massive worldly shift, cities and towns turned insular to shared beliefs. Those within the walls of a dogmatic township banded together to pursue the mysteries of life itself. The last dogmatic-free township, Land Escape is a haven for those who wish to pursue a peaceful existence. Massive fortress walls circle a spectacular city to protect it from the dangers of the dogmatic, and the threats of the wild.


A rugged and wild land stretches outside the townships, filled with the dangers of the harsh terrain. And, most terrifying are the vicious tribes of nomads who reject all dogma… and rarely take prisoners.


A last ditch destination for the disenfranchised, Cash Town—long since known by the locals as Crash Town—is the ultimate sanctuary of sin. The prevalent dogmatic belief is that pleasure is the key to life… and all those who step inside run the risk of being seduced… permanently.



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